Summer Obon Hopping & Nissei Week

Hello Everyone,

So this summer we went to some of the Southern California Obons; the OCBC Obon and Gardena Obon. We first went to the OCBC obon, this obon is one of the largest obons in the area and we had lots of fun. The decorations and booths were set up so nicely and they had the odori circles placed around the area where they were performing taiko. We ended up spending most of the time we were there just hang out, doing a lot of odori dancing and eating some delicious food. They had really good dango and they also had a booth for taiyaki, is a Japanese fish shaped cake filled with either azuki or chocolate. They obon was so nice that we ended up staying out way past closing time at the obon and then decided to go to Frosbites after we left the obon.

Gardena Obon

Gardena Obon


The next obon we went to was the Gardena Obon. Right when we got to this obon we did what we usually do right when going to the obon, go straight to the food court and get some food. While we were there, Jodaiko performed for the obon with a local taiko group called Isami. The performance was amazing. Next, Odori started and we decided to dance for a while, it was fun dancing with everyone and Jodaiko joined in too. We finished this obon by playing some more obon games, whiffle ball and basketball shooting games.

On Nisei week, we volunteered at the Tanabata festival near the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo. The Tanabata festival is one of the largest festivals in the Japanese/Japanese American community. At this festival there will be lots of delicious food and some performances from traditional and contemporary dance groups and bands. Also there will be more than 240 beautifully colored handmade Tanabata Kazari (paper ornament streamers) to be seen at the festival. It was a great event and we all had lots of fun organizing all the games and activities booths at the festival.

Well I hope everyone is having an amazing summer and looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

- Brendan