4th Year, Business Economics

As President, it is my duty to maintain the direction and goals of the club and to oversee the other cabinet members and their events. In addition, I am responsible for upholding Tomo No Kai’s traditions and continuing to grow upon the Japanese/Japanese-American culture on UC Irvine’s campus and in the greater JA community.

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Vice President


Kallie OcHIAI

4th Year, Psychology and Social Behavior

As vice president, one of my responsibilities is to assist the president in maintaining the direction and objectives of Tomo No Kai. I help create the weekly cabinet agenda and am in charge of creating/distributing the weekly TWIT’s (This Week In Tomo). I also organize Tomo no Kai’s annual Mammoth/Manzanar Trip in the spring. If you ask any member who’s gone to Mammoth, they’ll say... what happens in Mammoth stays in Mammoth. 

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Director of Public Relations

Ryan yoshikawa

4th Year, Chemical Engineering

As Director of Public Relations I serve as the liaison and Tomo representative at SELANOCO Japanese American Citizens League and Asian Pacific Student Association at UC Irvine events and meetings. I want to get Tomo No Kai involved in many Japanese and Japanese-American programs. I also oversee the Tomo No Kai intern program, which helps cultivate leaders and get general members more involved in the operations of the club.

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Directors of Cultural Affairs


Shane bassett

3rd Year, Chemical Engineering


Arisa mizuno

2nd Year, Criminology


As Co-Cultural Directors, we are in charge of producing Tomo's 30th Annual Cultural Night, with such responsibilities as, but not limited to, finding the year's coordinators for each act, booking the theater for the show, and holding practices for each act, etc. We are also responsible for promoting and maintaining Japanese/Japanese-American culture through the J-info segment during weekly meetings, in which we talk about the Japanese language and other various events/topics dealing with the Japanese/Japanese-American culture.

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Director of Social Affairs


Kaitlin yee

2nd Year, Undecided/Undeclared

As Director of Social Affairs, it is my duty to coordinate all weekly Tomo after events. It is my job to organize events with other clubs across the UCI campus. I also maintain close connections and collaborate with other Southern California universities through INC, the Intercollegiate Nikkei Council, in planning other outside events. Overall, my responsibility is to encourage participation and ensure that every person is enjoying their experience in Tomo.

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matt gregg

2nd Year, Physics

As Treasurer, it is my duty to handle all monetary manners including overseeing fundraisers, finding sponsorships, and collecting money for membership. It is also my job to maintain a financial record of Tomo No Kai’s transaction history as well as helping maintain a general members roster. I will also seek new ways to improve our club financially. 

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lauren yoshiyama

2nd Year, Undecided/Undeclared

As Secretary, it is my responsibility to take minutes at weekly cabinet meetings, write notes on the white board during general meetings, and keep track of the general member roster. I also organize families and run the Unkie program. During spring quarter, I oversee elections and plan Semi, the end of the year banquet.

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anna saechou

2nd Year, International Studies

As Historian, I am in charge of photographing events as well as creating and maintaining our newsletter Tomo No Times, social media accounts, and website. During winter quarter, I host the Day of Remembrance event, which is an event that is meant to acknowledge the time Japanese Americans spent time in the internment camps.

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Publicity Coordinators


Brian song

3rd Year, Biomedical Engineering


dane conboy

2nd Year, Computer Science


As Publicity Co-coordinators, it is our responsibility to promote the club and its rad events through weekly posters and Facebook events based off of the weekly meetings and after-events. We often serve as the super cute and very approachable mascots Taro and Tamoko during boothing events as to provide a friendly environment for potential members. Some of the bigger events we are in charge of include the Anteater Involvement Fair, Rainbowfest, and Wayzgoose.

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Sports Coordinator


jeff kamo

3rd Year, Biological Sciences

As Sports Coordinator, I am in charge of all the Intramural and Intermural competitions that Tomo no Kai is involved in. I am in charge of organizing all quarterly IM sports teams and encourage all Tomo members, regardless of skill or athletic ability, to come out and play. I am also in charge of planning and hosting our annual basketball tournament, Ballin @ the ARC, which is one of the biggest tournaments in Southern California. I also coordinate with other schools like UCSD and UCLA to compete in their respective tournaments. My job is to make Tomo no Kai's sports competitive for our Tomo athletes, fun for all our general members, and worthwhile for creating bonds both on and off the court.

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Jomo Representative


marc marutani

3rd Year, Biological Sciences

My position's purpose is to continue to foster a positive relationship between Tomo and Jodaiko, the Japanese drumming ensemble at UCI, through communication and understanding, as well as through fun joint outside events! I am also in charge of this year's annual INC volleyball tournament, Vollin' at the ARC. 

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